"Successful mediation relies on seeing synergy in conflicting ideas, mutual benefit in competing ambitions and a path to realise the vision."



At Henry William Lawyers we specialise in commercial, insolvency, family business, small business and partnership disputes. As Mediators we have a unique ability to balance competing objectives combined with a drive to devise solutions that benefit everyone involved.

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Partner & Mediator

"My focus as a mediator is to assist the parties to achieve an alignment of their interests. I get to the bottom of all the issues so that I can assist the parties in “thinking outside the square” to achieve a resolution."

Alex has 45 years practicing as an insolvency and commercial litigation lawyer and a mediator. His intuition and instinct have been honed through many of Australia's landmark disputes.


Alex has learned that the best outcomes are achieved by “aligning interests” of the parties to a dispute. His ability to identify viable solutions early in the mediation process encourages timely and successful outcomes for all parties involved. 

As a dispute resolution lawyer Alex believes it is imperative that all opportunities to resolve a dispute be fully explored so that the dispute is not decided by the courts.  It is this attitude that Alex adopts as a mediator. His tenacity, empathy and creative thinking set him apart as an invaluable seat at the table.