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Corporate Law

Take your business to the next level with us. We understand how the law can work to your advantage and we will help you realise your ambition.

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John Nash

"Guidance that is clear, plain language and responsive is key to helping you achieve your objective."

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Michele Izzo

"I take the time to get to know my clients and pride myself on always being responsive and accessible, and providing considered and commercial advice”

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Steve Williams

“What the client is endeavouring to achieve is the most important focus in a transaction. Being flexible and creative in negotiations to achieve a positive, workable and commercial result without creating unnecessary obstacles is my aim.”

"We work with you to ensure the right structure, the right resources and the right opportunities are yours to enjoy."

Mergers, Sales and 

We can act in all transactions in which business assets or ownership interests are bought and sold, including complex sale structures and inbound foreign investment


We can assist with:

  • private capital raisings including seed rounds to subsequent rounds of equity finance,

  • alternative start-up funding, including SAFE notes,

  • advice on disclosure and compliance,

  • debt financing – secured and unsecured lending/borrowing, and

  • charitable fundraising advice and assistance.

Commercial Agreements and Transactions

The nuances of commercial agreements are the linchpin for successful partnerships. We can help with: licensing, supply, franchising, sponsorship, terms and conditions, confidentiality, loan, security and shareholder agreements, intellectual property matters including trademark registrations, corporate governance and director issues.


We can assist with regulatory compliance under Australian law such as consumer protection, privacy, franchising, financial disclosure and licensing regimes, charity registration, anti-money laundering and director and officer obligations and compliance.

Structuring, Governance and
Asset Protection

  • Helping you set up the right structures, including shareholder family trusts, basic corporate structures, and sophisticated structures separating operational/ parent /IP holding entities.

  • Mitigating risks of stakeholder disputes.

  • Employee share and option plans.

  • Asset protection advice and strategies.

  • We also work collaboratively with your financial and tax advisers.

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