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"When your professional and personal finances become distressed it is difficult to forge ahead. We understand the intricacies and opportunities available to you. We provide practical insight, technical expertise and commercial intuition which will set your interests on the right track."



We are commercially ambitious for you.

We will guide you through all aspects of insolvency scenarios, corporate distress and distressed investments, working with you to develop and implement the right strategy to achieve the best outcome.

Our experts have contributed to some of the defining cases of the Australian professional landscape and we look forward to helping you in this challenging time. 

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Director & Partner

"The key to success in insolvency is using the law to extract value and then working collaboratively with the right people.”

Mark is recognised for his expertise in insolvency. Mark acts in all forms of external administration. He has a particular interest in corporate restructuring and has drafted and advised on many successful deeds of company arrangement, including those involving creditors trusts and other ancillary arrangements.


Mark’s experience as a litigator extends to insolvency scenarios. He is regularly engaged by insolvency practitioners to pursue claims on behalf of an insolvent estate.


Mark has been involved in a number of safe harbour engagements recently where formal appointments have been avoided and companies saved, with the directors’ interests protected in the meantime.

Mark Faraday


“Incredible results can be achieved if you use a creative and multidisciplinary approach.”

Alex is widely regarded as one of Australia’s best and most experienced insolvency lawyers.


He has acted on many of the largest and most significant insolvency administrations of the last four decades.


Alex combines lateral thinking, a fierce focus on the practicalities and his vast knowledge of the law to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Alex is a member of the Law Council Insolvency and Reconstruction Committee (of which he was formerly National Chairman).

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Alex Linden
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“Early effort on strategy, structuring and the smart allocation of limited resources is the key to good outcomes in insolvency scenarios."

Michael’s key strengths as a lawyer include his is pragmatism and approachability.


In insolvency scenarios where creativity, flexibility and compromise are essential, Michael’s key strengths come to the fore.


Michael has a particular depth of experience in acting for secured parties but he regularly advises on all forms of external administration.

Michael Wirth
Jennifer Hutton Henry William Lawyers_edited.jpg


“I am personally vested in my clients success. I aim to create a genuine team to ensure we will get the best outcome.”

Jennifer has an extensive background in a wide range of litigation matters across  jurisdictions, which enables her to quickly identify key issues and conduct cases in an efficient and effective manner.


Jennifer adopts a pragmatic approach to litigation and her clients benefit from her excellent problem solving skills and attention to detail; particularly in complex matters.


Jennifer regularly carries out her own advocacy and has experience in conducting matters in the Supreme, District, Local and Land and Environment Courts ranging from equitable disputes, to debt recovery, building and construction and family provision matters.

Jennifer Hutton


"A prerequisite for success in Court is a high standard of skill and experience as a lawyer, together with a love for meticulous preparation.”

Louise's experience includes conducting a broad range of commercial litigation matters for private and institutional clients.  Louise has a strong grasp of commercial practices and realities and always strives to obtain the best result for her client.  


Louise has extensive advocacy experience, appearing in defended hearings and interlocutory matters in various jurisdictions including the Local, District, Supreme and Federal Courts. 


Louise has provided clients with detailed and technical advices in a broad range of areas, assisting clients to develop strategies to achieve commercial resolutions and outcomes.

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Louise McDonald


“Forming a good working relationship with a client helps take the stress out of what is always a stressful situation.  Developing a strategy early and thinking strategically at each step of the dispute sets up the best chance of success.”

Sarah acts for a broad range of clients in commercial litigation and insolvency matters.


Sarah has particular experience in large-scale and complex litigation, which she enjoys because of the team work with clients and counsel.


Sarah has a strong understanding of court process and procedure.


She previously worked as a Tipstaff in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

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Sarah Harris
Susan Cirillo.jpg
Susan Cirillo

Senior Associate

"Thoroughness and precision lie at the heart of great legal work"

Susan has extensive experience running litigation. Her persuasive skills derive from a deep understanding of the law and meticulous preparation.


Her subject matter experience is broad but she has a particular interest in matters involving corporations and securities law.

Senior Associate

"Problem solving in disputes often requires creativity and a simple solution.  It’s critical to work together with a client to achieve that goal.”

Michael is an experienced litigator with a thesis background in trust and insolvency law, and has a keen interest in matters concerning deceptive trade practices. 


His approach to litigation is to resolve disputes efficiently and commercially for clients. 

Michael Mulvenna.png
Michael Mulvenna

Senior Associate

“Sometimes an in-depth analysis of legal issues does not inform the best settlement strategy. If you can ascertain what a client actually wants and cares about, then it may be possible for a creative settlement solution to be greater than the sum of its parts.” 

Nathan advises and acts in a broad range of commercial disputes and insolvency matters.


Nathan takes care to know his clients and understand what they want in whatever predicament they may find themselves.


Nathan’ technical skills, intuition and empathy produce incredible results for his clients. 

Nathan Larman Yalda.png
Nathan Larman-Yalda
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