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Cyber Security

Henry William Lawyers Cyber Security Policy_edited.jpg

We have proactive measures in place to prevent fraudulent behaviour.


Our practices and policies will help protect you from a cyber attack. We will;


  • Tell you at the start of a matter what our payment details are and not change those details unless we speak to you first.

  • Always authenticate and verify email instructions from you that direct where money should be sent by verifying it with you over the phone


We also need you to take some precautionary steps to ensure the security of your information.


Never respond to an email requesting you deposit money into a bank account that is different from the account we gave you. Contact us by phone immediately if you receive an email of this nature.

If you are suspicious of any email you receive from us do not action the request. Immediately contact us by phone.


Basic cyber-crime prevention:

  • keep software on your computers current with updates and security patches installed;

  • change your passwords at least every 12 months and use passwords that are at least eight characters long, and contain capital letters and numbers;

  • use different passwords for your devices;

  • keep an eye out for fraudulent emails;

  • don’t respond to emails that ask for personal information; and

  • don’t click on links embedded in emails from people you don’t know.

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