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Insolvency and Restructuring

When your commercial interests are under financial pressure our experts will guide you to the best outcome.

"Insolvency scenarios require attention on the legal parameters, commercial circumstances and emotions of the people involved. Managing all three is the key to success."  

Restructuring & Distressed M&A

Effective restructuring requires the identification and use of the best framework, effective negotiation and deft relationship management. These are our core skills. At a technical level, we regularly design Deeds of Company Arrangement and Creditors’ Trusts.


We can assist in securing or disposing of key assets in the most efficient way. A core value of our firm is teamwork. There is no better working example this than the cohesion between our insolvency and M&A transactions lawyers.


The landscape for company directors is filled with risks, while comprehensive D&O insurance has become increasingly limited and expensive. The need to undertake corporate governance immaculately is therefore critical.


Our lawyers have been involved in some of the most significant directors’ duties cases, including the landmark James Hardie proceeding. We are also adept at dealing with insolvent trading issues, including the use of the safe harbour regime and formal insolvency processes. A number of our senior lawyers hold board positions and have real-world commercial experience.

Formal External Administration

We regularly work with external administrators who engage us to represent them in their capacities as voluntary administrator, liquidator, administrator of a deed of company arrangement or receiver.


We understand all aspects of these processes and where a commercial party becomes entangled in them, we know how to use the law and the commercial factors to the best advantage.

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